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Updated: Mar 5

How on earth are we going to survive the Coronavirus people? After all, there is not a single drop of hand sanitizer left in stores, not one square of toilet paper, or a sip of bottled water left for you. How are we going to survive this respiratory beast if we don't have rubbing alcohol infused gel to kill it off!?! I mean we could just wash our hands, but who has time for that when we are in this major crisis! What are we going to do without toilet paper to wipe our spoiled asses? Where are we going to get water? Out of the tap?!!! There could be chlorine and fluoride in there!

Okay, all jokes aside... I am not saying that this Corona Beast isn't real, but is it as harmful as the media is projecting it to be? We are only seeing what they are showing us, and reading the news alerts that pop up on our "smart" phones. I know people have died, which is seriously terrible, but I think we are forgetting about how many have survived. Yes we know that the flu is just as "deadly", but when do we ever focus on the big picture, and really look at the facts? With so many people in this world, all it takes is one negative blurp from the media, and off we go! Hysteria! Just like everything else, we will latch onto anything that has even a tinge of negativity attached to it, before we ever focus on the good. Why is it so much easier to be negative versus positive? Why do we thrive on sadness and chaos, versus joy and hope? The answer: I don't know, but I have my theories.

Having a negative outlook comes with ease, because it's easier to make excuses rather than put in the hard work to have a positive one. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but don't you agree? Trying to find the beauty and joy in things can be much more challenging during hardship, because we have to work harder to decode the metaphors. When something sad or painful is happening, it can be difficult to see the light. It can take time to process your feelings, and find the answers to overcome them. Now I am not saying that everything negative has something beautiful attached to it, but I do think if we work hard enough to flip things around, the positive side will appear. We have the ability to change the narrative. It's much easier to stay in pain and fear, because we feel like we have more control if we don't face it, but in reality, it ends up controlling us. I am in no way a master at the art of positivity, I still have to work really hard to not complain about petty nonsense, or jump on the negativity train. Just this week I found myself complaining over the pettiest thing, like our contractors showing up unannounced, and "inconveniencing" my-whole-entire-day. Boo-hoo-wah-wah, Lindsey! Get a life! I had to check myself and feel grateful for the work that was needed, is getting done. I'm not perfect, and I can easily get sucked into the dark side, and feel sorry for myself more often than not.

Honestly, it has taken a long time and a lot of challenges for me to finally believe that mindset is everything. That staying positive is what gets you through the dark times, and the moments of absolute hopelessness. Staying positive has made me mentally stronger, allowed me to be more in tune with my purpose, and to search for important signs of validation. I am more aware of the air around me than ever before, and I am not going to let something like the Coronavirus hysteria pollute my mind, and allow me to fall off track. I've been working hard to see the reward of hard work and a positive mindset, and watching it start to pay off. Staying positive and present has become my biggest strength through any hardship. If you take life day by day, the future, or the past can't hurt you. Worry has never done anything positive for me (or anyone), it has only delayed me from achieving goals and being my best self. You can have future goals and plans of course, but it is important to stay in your lane while navigating the route, to arrive at a happy and accomplished life.

Again, stay present. Don't let fear control you! There is a difference between being cautious, versus being consumed. Don't let something that is uncertain get in the way of happiness or having hope. If the Coronavirus strikes nationwide, we will all act accordingly. If we run out of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, we will act accordingly. If our plans go to shit, we will act accordingly. The best part? We will all be in it together. Humanity still exists, and there is still so much good to look forward to. Stay positive.

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